cane hill bunker | dispelling the myths

Passing through the blast doors, we moved into further brick lined tunnels with a reinforced ceiling. It got colder and colder; water and condensation started to drip from the ceilings.

On the right is our guide, Laurence. His father, Norman Fisher, used to work in the tunnels when they were being used as an optical factory. Of course, Laurence didnít fail to be totally inspired by the gothic hospital on the hill, and looked up Cane Hill on the Internet - and thus took my grand tour. As an antiques dealer, he was totally fascinated by the various items Iíd documented in the hospital.

So, we struck a deal. Laurence would give us a tour of the tunnels, pointing out where his father worked, what all the weird machinery was used for, and give us a potted history of the place. And then I would return the favour by giving a little guided tour of Cane Hill.

Sounded a super way to spend a Sunday.