cane hill bunker | dispelling the myths

In an alcove, modern fuse boxes and wiring still existed from the optical factory days. Laurence explained that his father received many shocks from the sodden electronics as he tried to replace blown fuses which would often cause the bunker to be plunged into darkness.

Damp and condensation were a constant problem; shorting out circuits and rusting machinery. However, a very novel approach to water condensing was used - and we’d find that later.

Apparently the main feed to the bunker came from Cane Hill. It was one of Laurence’s dreams to reconnect it - although turning on the power at Cane Hill certainly wouldn’t be appreciated. There was no question of it anyway - the substation at Cane Hill was destroyed in an arson attack (see the next tour).

Of course, if we were serious, we’d just run a feed off a street light on the A23. Popped fuses would be a problem, but six-inch nails would make good conductors. At this point, the possibility of taking out most of Coulsdon’s supply started to beckon, but I am joking... It was never really seriously considered!

"The feed was from the corner of Hollymeoak Road and the A23, and was completely removed in the recent renovation of the substation." - Andrew