cane hill bunker | dispelling the myths

We reached the northern longitudinal tunnel but continued on down the first lateral. The intersection with the northern tunnel should’ve been a cross junction but someone had bricked up the spur leading to the northern exit. Thoughtfully someone else had knocked a hole in the brickwork.

We discovered some small alcoves dug into the wall. Laurence mentioned that his father, Norman Fisher, used these as his office.

One night Norman was working alone when suddenly he was interrupted. Not by the usual power cut, caused by water dripping onto the fuse boxes, but by a woman walking up the tunnel. Purposeful and bold, with intense staring eyes, she reached Norman and started to ask him about the tunnels.

Norman engaged her in conversation, and distracted her by leaving to make a cup of tea. Once out of earshot, he phoned up the hospital, who quickly dispatched two nurses to come and collect their wayward patient.

After that, the gates to the tunnels were always locked at night.