cane hill bunker | dispelling the myths

Taking the central longitudinal tunnel eastwards, we moved closer and closer to the end of the tunnels. Turning a ninty degree left turn, we’d almost reached the furthest point from our entrance - other explorers had chalked their names and website addresses on the walls here.

The end of the tunnel was painted black, and the remains of shelving or trunking could be seen.

We took the small tunnel to the right, which was smallest tunnel we’d seen so far.

The infamous fridge used to live here. As I mentioned, the Optical Factory were plagued with moisture problems, so they shifted a huge fridge into the tunnels, wired it up backwards, and placed it at the entrance to the small tunnel as a Heath Robinson water condensing device (with the air being drawn down the ventilation shaft and the moisture extracted by the fridge).

One morning, Laurence’s father let himself into the tunnels and realised that the fridge wasn’t working. He didn’t need to walk down the tunnels to see it - since facing him was a sheer wall of fog which had formed overnight. Using a large board, he wafted this huge wall of fog down the tunnel in front of him, where it eventually dissipated.

Odd atmospheric conditions were almost commonplace down here.