paddock | far from the light of day

It is assumed that this is the Map Room. Itís one of the largest rooms in the bunker and was extremely well lit, with the fluorescent lights to the sides of the room having angled shades to direct light onto the walls (where maps would've been hung).

Other war departments could watch activity here from the large windows looking into this room. Itís assumed that Churchill occupied the room at the end of the picture, passing documents to and fro through the hole in the door.

The first black and white picture shows the same view in the 1980s. Nothing much has changed. The marks on the walls show the growth of dry rot - huge amounts of it flourished in the bunker in the 1980s and 1990s whilst the lower level was partially flooded.

The picture below that, also from the 1980s, was taken looking to the right (whilst my shot is to the left). The filing cabinets were still there, but the lit directional indicator on the wall has long gone.