paddock | far from the light of day

This room is one of the largest in the bunker and is assumed to be the Cabinet War Room. Churchill and his cabinet would’ve sat around a large desk in the middle of the room.

The fluorescent lighting is probably contemporary with this time, and this room would’ve been one of the best lit in the bunker. The lights to the sides of the room have angled reflectors - directing the light onto the walls. It’s assumed that maps and documentation would be displayed here.

Churchill attended one cabinet meeting here on the 3rd October 1940. This was simply a dress rehearsal so everyone could familiarise themselves with the layout and working of the bunker. Another meeting was held on the 10th March 1941, although Churchill did not attend.

Churchill found Paddock unsuitable for its task, and was also very reluctant to leave Whitehall. Therefore the bunker was never really used - but was available if Whitehall was unavailable.

After the war, the bunker passed back to the Post Office.