paddock | far from the light of day

And we emerged in someoneís front garden.

Or rather, the emergency stairs exited in a small blockhouse between two of the new houses. We clambered through the thick undergrowth and emerged back on Brook Lane.

We then waited for Heather Payton to arrive before descending into the bunker and the map room to be interviewed. Despite it being a warm summers day outside, the bunker remained cool and dank.

Paddock Bunker is owned by the Housing Association and is on Brent Councilís listed building register. And, unlike every site Iíve visited so far, I can recommend going there. Because the bunker is open for public tours twice a year - book early to avoid disappointment. Itís certainly worth seeing!

Many thanks to Nick Catford for the personal tour, the Housing Association for making the bunker available and Heather Payton and Jamillah Knowles for the opportunity to be interviewed.