what's coming
Last update: 19|04|08

Severalls / Ditchingham Maltings
The day I was the subject of the BBC's Inside Out programme. Does the media and urban exploration mix? Contentious stuff!

St. Lawrence's Mental Hospital
The recce and then the infiltration. A cautionary tale of the highs and lows of urban exploration.

Loads more to come. The next diary will recount how we luncheoned on the roof of the Air House before being buzzed by a black helicopter. The serious write-ups will continue with photographic documentation of the Plant House.

Graylingwell Mental Hospital
The asbestos removal guys were in when we visited, so we had to stick to the outside. A walk around the hospital buildings on a summer's day.

RAF Wyton Photographic Factory: Redux
I returned to the Photographic Factory to rephotograph it after discovering that this Cold War site was far more important than I originally realised. This unique structure was used to develop all the film after spy missions over the USSR.

Warley: Walkthrough
The infamous 'mystery asylum' will be the subject of a thorough walkthrough (although this work won't begin until the rest of my Rauceby Archive is online.)

Cane Hill: Grand Tour II
After the groundbreaking Grand Tour of 2002, the asylum which started it all is redocumented and reassessed in Grand Tour II.