Last update: 03|08|11

Explorations 2002 (12 explorations)
Kick starting my urban exploration again, I visited some of the prime exploration territory in the south east, before branching out and discovering my own places. Cane Hill and the CRX have become urban exploration rites-of-passage, but it's important to find other places as well.

Explorations 2003 (11 explorations)
2003 was a matter of continuing my quest of new places to explore (Whittingham, Horton and West Park) and visits to old friends (Cane Hill, Severalls and Rauceby). But there was the unexpected - being invited into Paddock for an interview and prowling in the dark Cane Hill Bunker - it was a varied year.

Explorations 2004 (11 explorations)
2004 was an important year: firstly, I met up with many fellow urban explorers and enthusiasts (Marlon, JonDoe, Dr. Bob, Laurence and Sam.) Secondly, I managed to keep up the number of explorations, including top-secret military sites and not-so-secret asylums. Thirdy, I appeared on BBC Restorations as their asylum historian. And finally the idea of the virtual asylum was born, with the start of the documentation of Rauceby piece-by-piece.

Explorations 2005 (9 explorations)
Whilst the number of locations was down, 2005 was the year of the 'grudge tour' where I revisited many places that'd eluded me and I finally cracked them. It was also the year of media interviews and pilot shoots, which will hopefully lead to bingger things in 2006. It was also the year I moved house, piecemeal, and spent significant periods away from the computer. Hence the lack of updates.

Explorations 2006 (10 explorations)
I wanted to do nothing but new explorations this year and succeeded. I was lured back to some old favourites for some media work however. And the groundwork was put in place for the explorations of 2007.

Explorations 2007 (11 explorations)
2007 was definitely the year of Pyestock. A series of explorations ensured that most of the old gas turbine testing establishment was photographed. It also saw the return to RAF Wyton Photographic Factory and the rekindling of interest in Cane Hill.

Explorations 2008 (8 explorations)
It was always going to be a slow year for trips out as my son was born. So every weekend spent exploring had to count. Furthermore, it also marked my last visit to Cane Hill as the buildings finally succumbed to the bulldozers. Appearing on Most Haunted Live prompted a trip to Denbigh and I made the first of many potential visits to Hellingly.

Explorations 2009 (7 explorations)
It's was difficult to keep up the momemtum as my family life now took priority at the weekends. However, I found the time to get out-and-about and visit a small number of locations.

Explorations 2010 (4 explorations)
The emphasis has changed with repeated visits to large sites near to me to produce high quality, detailed write-ups. So far two locations (one asylum and one industrial) have been the focus of my attention. I also had a huge backlog of pictures and information to add to the site: finishing Warley and Pyestock, starting Hellingly and continuing The Cult Of Cane Hill.

Explorations 2011 (2 explorations so far...)
The initial idea was to expand the industrial and military sites, but I found myself inside an asylum for the first exploration of 2011.