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In this little cupboard we have some spare candles and some sellotape. Why sellotape?

However, your eye is drawn to the plastic pot, with the handy label of "Dentures". And then things do become a little clearer. Did they sellotape peoplesí jaws shut after removing their false teeth?

Iíve taken the Dentures pot, filled it with cottage cheese and put it in my fridge... Only kidding!

"Dentures are always put in place in the dead body and not left out when a patient dies. The sellotape is used purely to seal the denture pot as the lids are hopelessly secure, and quite often come open during transport (the dentures may have been transferred with the deceased to the morgue for the mortician to replace, but ideally they should be replaced in before the body leaves the ward)."

"As for sellotaping the jaw shut, no that does not happen either. The natural effect of rigor mortis and refrigeration keeps the jaw closed, providing that the jaw is supported during refrigeration or when rigor mortis is occuring. This can be done by several methods - (i) placing a pillow under the jaw to keep it shut or (ii) tying the jaw shut with a bandage. The latter is rarely done now because it can leave quite pronounced markings on the face." - Jason