bourne | home of the bouncy thing

At last, hereís the item that gives this section its name.

This incredibly strange foot-rest thing was found gently bouncing by one of the buildings. As every hospital has some strange wheelie device, or horrific medical equipment, this bouncy thing was the strange medical item of Bourne Hospital.

It looked almost friendly. Until I stood on it, for a joke, hoping to ride it like a bucking horse.

It simply bent in half.

So, I donít know what it was for, but it definitely wasnít involved in any weight bearing activities.

"I worked for 3 years in care work and I can reasonably say that it's a foot rest used by a chiropodist. The patient would rest their feet upon this while having thier corns or whatever sandblasted off - hence there was no need for it to have any weight bearing properties."