cane hill | goodbye cane hill

We first clambered into Wren/Wesley, falling through the open window in our haste to get inside and out of the no-mans land between the buildings and the fence. In the distance, dogs barked, continuously reminding us that security were prowling and wed need our wits and a certain amount of luck. But at least we were inside.

Our group grabbed pictures of the ward and I was pleased to be able to replace the low-resolution snaps Id taken several years previously. I ensured I covered the day rooms, corridor, a single room and the sanitation tower before returning to the group who were debating where to go next.

However, our route out of the ward was blocked. The former passageway to the corridor network was completely filled by a pile of splintered wood and fallen masonry. Daylight streamed through the gaps, highlighting the rusty nails and jagged metal which made climbing the unstable pile a moot point. The corridor beyond had gone.

It was our first experience of the demolition work which was tearing the heart out of the hospital.

We had to venture back outside and attempt a route through another ward.

Main corridor through Male Ward H. (Z30:G.:NW) © Simon Cornwell 2008