cane hill | goodbye cane hill

I paused and briefly diverted from the route to the tower. Iíd come across the ruined stores, now open as the former walls and boarding was swept away. I fumbled with my camera and took a shot of a structure which had eluded me and now I would never explore: the basement of the stores and the service tunnel to the back entrance at the back of the hospital. Superintendent Sir James Moody mentioned it when he wrote about the hospitalís design and it had finally been uncovered.

Why not explore it fuller? Because most of the group had now reached the tower and I was extremely anxious to get to its relative safety myself. At any moment, I imagined the shouts of infuriated demolition workers or the angry approach of security. This area was wide open and I was a sitting duck.

Stores tunnel under the bulldozed remains of corridor C27. The building to the left was the former Bakehouse which appeared to be
linked to this underground tunnel system.The wall to the right is the former Knife House and Male Dressing Room
for the communial baths. © Simon Cornwell 2008