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Another long standing mystery, and one which Id pondered since Grand Tour days, was the staircase in the Pharmacy. Most of the buildings clustered around the Chapel were single storey and Id often wondered if Id imagined the rickety staircase when I first explored the interiors of the complex.

The Pharmacy had lost its elegant wooden shelves and cabinets, rudely ripped out since my last visit. But the stairs were still there, and could be traversed gingerly. I emerged in a bright, airy room with windows which overlooked the shell of the Ballroom, the back of the Administration Block and flank of the Chapel.

Medical books, glassware and chemistry equipment stood on shelves, still mostly neatly stacked. Despite most of the windows being smashed, the room was remarkably intact, seemingly overlooked by the vandals and thieves who ran riot through the hospitals more accessible areas.

It seemed a good place to stop and pause. Anyone walking in the corridor network below could be heard but, despite the barking of the guard dogs from the perimeter fence, nothing more could be heard. We wondered if Squibb were having a rare day off and wed got the interior of the hospital to ourselves. If so, we were extremely lucky, but it would prove to stay cautious; the endless barks of angry dogs kept us on our toes.

View east towards Male Ward A from the first floor pharmacy (Z22:1.02:E) © Simon Cornwell 2008