cane hill | goodbye cane hill

The first storey of Browning/Blake was one of the most popular locations within the former hospital. It had never been properly cleared and the beds, bed screens, furniture and furnishings gave a unique insight into the layout and look of the hospital just before it was closed. However, appearances could be deceptive and there were mutterings that the ward was more the product of imaginative photographers composing scenes rather than a true representation of the hospital as it was. Beds, bedding and furnishings were apparently dragged into to enhance the post-closure scene.

This scene was a magnet for the photographers and artists; a point not lost on security who also knew it as a potential explorer hot-spot. It was here that Marlon and his friends were caught (but due to mistaken identity rather than any stealth on security’s part).

Dormitory on the first floor of Female Ward A (Z3:1.:SE) © Simon Cornwell 2008