cane hill | goodbye cane hill

The top floor retained the original doors with two peep-windows (which prevented a patient from crouching out-of-view against the lower part of the door). Unfortunately the upper floor was no longer pristine as water was now pouring through the roof. (Once of Squibb’s first jobs was to remove all the tiles from the ward roofs, turning previously dry buildings into sodden sponges).

We splashed down the corridor. Although we could hear nothing inside the buildings, the sound of dogs barking carried on the wind. It was from this elevated position that we watched a security van drive down the footpath and pause opposite the ward. We weren’t too worried as the exterior patrols would have to be negotiated on our final dash outside; that would be our final throw of the "Do Or Die" card. But, for now, we know where one of the security guards was, and that was to our advantage.

Main corridor along the second floor of Female Ward D. (Z6:2.27:S) © Simon Cornwell 2008