cane hill | goodbye cane hill

Unwin was our next target, a small squat ward squeezed between the towering hulks of its neighbours. Working through the building was torturous: the floor was rotten and had given way in several areas leaving several gritty slides to unknown depths. This wasn’t helped by the plastered ceiling which had collapsed, obscuring the tale-tell nail heads which would’ve shown us the relatively safe joists which we could’ve traversed.

After slowly picking our disjointed way over this minefield, we found the ward’s entrance similarly blocked by dangerous demolition rubble. We then had to slowly pick our way back outside.

The octagonal staircase beckoned but its door was nailed shut. I would never walk up it.

View north-east across the collapsing day room of Male Ward G. (Z29:G.:NE) © Simon Cornwell 2008