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We now reached the end of the horseshoe corridor and the start of the 1888 extensions. These new wards were built in a slightly different configuration, adding to the different number of pavilion layouts already clustered around the existing horseshoe corridor.

We took the long connecting corridor into Hill/Harvard. The three storey building had been damp for several years, the ceiling and wallpaper hanging off in sheets. But it was only a brief visit as the noise of the perimeter patrol got louder and we realised security was driving back up the footpath. There was a possibility of being seen in this building; its large windows and open day rooms not only let in the light, but allowed security to suddenly sense the movement of a team of interlopers. Our time here was brief as we didnt linger but pushed onto the relative safety of Johnson/Jenner.

The group were beginning to get a little anxious. Wed done extremely well and had covered much ground over the several hours wed been inside. But as we reached the end of our exploration, we started to think about getting out again. Security was very active outside the hospital fence so timing was important. How many more rolls of the lucky dice would we have?

Main corridor through Female Ward H (Z10:G.16:W) © Simon Cornwell 2008