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We took a rotten, stained door into the dark, cold, dank interior of Vincent. The ward was the target of an arson attack and the dayroom was a gutted shell, the fire having ripped up through the three storeys and then out into the roof. The loss of the roof meant the remaining ward structure was starting to disintegrate as the endlessly dripping rain water loosened the ceiling plaster and rotted the wood.

By now the male side of the hospital had proved extremely difficult to navigate. Plus we were gradually working our way towards the John Hutchinson Centre where Squibb had set up their site office. It wasn’t a good place to be and we had to get into the centre core of the hospital.

Luckily the pile of rubble blocking the corridor of Vincent was relatively small and we were able to clamber over it and into the corridor network.

Main corridor through Male Ward F (Z28:G.:NE) © Simon Cornwell 2008