cane hill | goodbye cane hill

We finally emerged onto the footpath: muddy, tired, cold, wet, dirty and euphoric. Wed got in, got our photographs, and got out without incident. Some old mysteries had been solved, the Water Tower conquered, and the vast majority of the female wards had been photographed.

These 365 shots would form the basis of a comprehensive record of the Water Tower, the quashing of legendary underground rooms, and add to the historical record which I planned as The Cult Of Cane Hill.

I knew it would be my final time inside. Such luck would not occur again; Squibb would continue their demolition, and many of the places Id photographed only had a short life left. But I was so pleased that the final "Do or Die" at Cane Hill had been so successful.

Looking south-east along the bulldozed remains of corridor C2. © Simon Cornwell 2008