cane hill | a pictorial record of the interior organisation of the watertower

At some point in the hospital’s history, this doorway was blocked off, presumably when the Smith’s Shop and Engineer’s Shop were knocked into one and pushed into use as a Plumber's Store and workshop. I pictured the bricked up doorway in 2003 (see picture below).

During the demolition of the engineer’s courtyard in July 2008, the original doorway was reopened and this was our route in.

What follows is a step-by-step photographic record of our climb...

About to enter the watertower from the south-west, through the remains of the original Smith's Shop. © Simon Cornwell 2008

From the Syringes On Sunday tour, this shot shows the cluttered Plumber's Store with the bricked up door into the watertower toward the left (now an alcove and used for shelving). © Simon Cornwell 2003