cane hill | a pictorial record of the interior organisation of the watertower

Id long admired this twisted, strange Yagi aerial and now I was within touching distance. Despite it being a calm day (albeit overcast), the wind was whistling and blowing strongly we were over 100 feet above Cane Hill.

The antenna array on top of the water tower is very interesting. The picture of the "Yagi" antenna is actually a Watkins Johnson Log Periodic Wideband Receiving Antenna. In the form shown it apears set up for DF "direction finding." Going by the size of the elements the frequency range is 500 Hhz to 2 GHz.

This type of antenna is only used for "surveillence receiving aplications by Military and OFCOM".

The receiver to go with this equipment must have been fitted locally and controlled via a modem from somewhere like GCHQ.



The aerials on the water tower and the cabin below are the Cane Hill UHF television relay station. I was involved with the planning of the station many years ago. See:


Detail of aerial on the western corner of the water tower. © Simon Cornwell 2008