cane hill | a pictorial record of the interior organisation of the watertower

The future of Cane Hillís water tower is open to question. Itís afforded some protection by merit of being a local landmark, but I donít believe it shares the local listing status which protects the Administration Block and Chapel from Squibbís nibblers and bulldozers.

However, English Partnerships have made no firm decision regarding its future, still weighing up the various pros and cons of their four alternative master plans for the site. Given their gung-ho desire to flatten everything they can, I fear for the structureís future. Cleaned up and converted, the water tower would be a wonderful landmark, and an interesting feature within the redeveloped post-Cane Hill landscape.

Letís hope imagination and historical appreciation wins over profit margins and number of units per acre.

© Simon Cornwell 2008

Detail of a sign found in the watertower during the climb. © Simon Cornwell 2008