cane hill | a pictorial record of the interior organisation of the watertower

Mezzanine Floor

Moving into this partitioned space on the first floor revealed more rough-and-ready partitioning. This was presumably to separate the open shaft via which equipment and supplies were hoisted up and down the water tower.

I believe this floor was a later addition to the water tower. Its rough construction, lack of boxing of the dumb waiter shaft and its odd access via a gap in the stairs suggest it was built later as a store room. Note also the lack of access to the western side of the water tower which I believe was open from the ground floor all the way to the original first floor (although if you look closely at the picture, there's a boarded-up area on the wall.)

Facing south east in the mezzanine floor. Note the clumsy partitioning and open shaft for the transporation of equipment/storage items. © Simon Cornwell 2008