cane hill | the strange case of the mysterious basement

A door to the south led to a small toilet and sinks. The windows here looked out towards the sheer vertical wall which had so confused us. This was where Tom gingerly climbed down and let himself in.

Whilst Iím sure other explorers had also discovered these rooms, it was a first for us. Additionally it solved the long standing mystery which I was glad was now laid to rest; otherwise I wouldíve always been wondering about that mysterious basement and what it contained.

Checking back with the modern plans showed the railings shielding the basement windows (depicted by double lines on the plan). Both the railings to the south (for the toilet windows) and those to the west (for the changing room windows) were clearly shown. As were the stairs leading down to the basement, which Iíd always read as steps leading up to the stage.

There was a similar basement room to the north but we didnít check that one. I think weíre all rather secretly disappointed that our underground room didnít yield more secrets of Cane Hill.

Southern view of the toilet and sink area beneath corridors C15 and C16. © Simon Cornwell 2008