cane hill | spooks and structural failure

The plan was to reach the Chapel, so I should have turned left at this point.

However, I longed to see the infamous teddy bear, hanging from a beam somewhere in the Kitchen/Stores area. And there was also the Top To Toe Boutique to check out - only spied in the distance on my previous tour.

So we turned right, and walked north, past the entrance to the Kitchens.

Alas, all the other entrances were boarded up, but peeping through, we could see nothing but plant life and rubble.

We continued north until the corridor widened and turned left - taking it between the Stores and the Laundry. And it was here that we found the first demolished part of Cane Hill. This area was a fire-damaged ruin on my previous tour - now it had gone.

See also: July 2002 (for a view looking to the left).