cane hill | spooks and structural failure

This is the main map of the tour. A little too coarse for my liking, but it shows you where we generally went. Yellow is where we ran around and explored. Unfortunately the map only shows the ground floor and is missing the admin block, but it's a damn fine map, and helped us greatly during our explorations.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Outside. Vandalism runs rappent at Cane Hill.
The Greenhouses. Wonderfully embellished.
The Corridor Network. Cane Hill is falling down.
Where's The Main Hall?. It's being replaced by rubble.
Misc #1. A selection of snaps taken on our way to the Chapel.
The Chapel. Now empty - except for the ghosts.
There's The Main Hall. The bits still remaining.
Misc #2. Snaps taken on the way out.
The Service Road. Last chance to see.