cane hill | grand tour

Welcome to Cane Hill hospital, goods entrance.

A short jaunt from the boiler house took us to the back entrance of the hospital. The original gates had gone so we simply walked around and found this service road.

Immediately on the left were storage rooms, which would be our first port of call. Further up was the corridor and two storey building of the Nightingale ward. Past this point the corridor branches, which is the building spied at the bottom of the road, where the main loading bay can be found.

The buildings on the right were obscured by the bulk of the tower in this shot. (Namely the Engineering Department and The Fire Station.) The small passage on the right lead into the tower courtyard, where generators and transformers could be heard humming and clicking (supplying the transmitters on the tower) - this was the Building Department during the life of the hospital. The gates here were locked and we had no desire to explore this part of the hospital.