cane hill | grand tour

We took the dodgy corridor back out of Browning/Blake and then considered the route into Andrewes/Alleyn. Alas our way was blocked, the bane of earlier explorers, as the doors were blocked up with plywood, doors nailed shut, and furniture piled against the door.

We could’ve attempted to use the other entrance to this ward, but instead decided to walk back to the corridor intersection where the payphone was, duck through a kicked-out section of plywood, and therefore find ourselves behind the Chapel again.

At this point, we decided that the kitchens would make good exploring before joining the main corridor serving the wards to the east.

However, as a brief detour, we had a quick rest in the Hospital Shop. What better place!

Except that the floor in the shop looked so dangerous that none of us ventured in. This skewed shot shows the sign above the serving hatch. I found it amusing that "Cigarettes" was given such a prominent position.