cane hill | grand tour

And this was the route we took... Down into the blasted, water damaged remains of Wren/Wesley.

A similar view appears on Andrew’s site taken at night by the light of a torch. The crazy fluorescent light appears in both shots, but has since swung through 180 degrees. The other difference is the door to the left. In Andrew’s shot, it’s still in its frame. Here, it been ripped out and thrown on the floor.

This was actually necessary and can be found in many places around the hospital. Simply because walking on the door is stronger than the weak floor underneath. Years of water intrusion (as can be seen by the state of the ceiling) had taken its toll.

In the center of the corridor was a railing, dividing the corridor into steps (left) and slope (right). The slope looked far too dangerous, so we took the crazy tilting stairs (the banister was starting to lean as can be seen).

We didn’t look in the rooms to the left, but continued onwards, and to our first ward.

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