cane hill | grand tour

A strange fabulous wheelie thing. And thatís the technical name folks.

I was reminded of another strange wheelie thing that stood outside the main doors of the CRX (see Links) - did all redundant hospitals have strange iron contraptions guarding key doors?

This appeared to be an ancient exercise bike, employing an iron flywheel to add resistance. The patient would sit on the saddle, holding onto the handles on either side, and pedal furiously. But hereís the strange part. With the weight on the handles, wouldnít the patient tip slightly forward, tipping the contraction onto its small wheels on the front?

At this point, either the patient would be propelled forwards, or simply do a cartwheel.

An evil machine I think. But strangely fabulous in a wheelie sort of way.

(I also appreciated the scattering of the wood paneling around the beast, suggesting that it had burst through the boarded-up door. Perhaps this contraption prowls Cane Hill at night, itís squeaking the only warning of impending doom...).