cane hill | grand tour

Rounding the corner, this corridor would take you down by the stores and to the kitchens. If we’d ignored the kitchens, and continued to walk north, we’d have ended up here.

Post-fire post-ironic comment: Note burnt out, rusting fire hose.

Between here and the kitchens were The Stores, an area we hadn’t explored. From the state of the corridor, it may have been spared the fire. If that was the case, then the infamous teddy bear, a cuddly toy, hanging from the roof of the stores by a perfectly tied noose may still be there.

Unfortunately I didn’t know that at the time (as I would’ve checked), and instead we moved along the corridor and emerged at the end of the service road at the back of the hospital.

See also: December 2002 (for a view looking to the right).