cane hill | grand tour

We reached the base of the tower and cut across behind the boiler plant.

It was time for the last place listed on our itinerary - the infamous Cane Hill Mortuary.

Getting to the mortuary was quite a circular route. We made our way around the back of the boiler plant and into a densely wooded area. Whilst making a large semi-circular path to get to the mortuary (which, as it turns out, backed onto the tower courtyard buildings) we passed this small, garage like building en-route.

There were two things odd about this building. Firstly, it was shored up with scaffolding. Why? It was decrepit and non-descript in the first place. And secondly, it was full of porcelain sinks.

We reached the mortuary building and, I guess as a rite-of-passage, I was asked to stand on an old oil drum and look through the window...