cane hill | grand tour

There was one more large room in the mortuary, which, we discovered, was where the bodies of the patients were kept.

Cane Hill at its height could house 2000 patients. Why they needed storage space for 15 bodies was a little disturbing (as each of these five doors revealed three stacks).

"On your Cane Hill thread, you mentioned/questioned the need for a mortuary that could accommodate 15 people at once. I was trolling through another site that has some information on Cane Hill, (Abandoned Britain) and I noticed that the author had published an entry from the mortuary log (The last picture on the web page)."

"As you can see, in 1959, the attrition rate at Cane Hill was close to 1 death every day. Given an Autopsy would have taken a day (maybe longer) to complete, I would have guessed that 15 places in the mortuary would not have been over the top. Especially, as I would have guessed that pre WWII, when much life sustainable medicine was yet to be developed, the death rate would only have been higher." - John Fern