cane hill | grand tour

According to the map, this little passageway lead to an outside door. Now this little passageway just lead down.

Wed been a little cavalier about the state of the floors on the ground floor. What was a two-foot drop amongst friends, a distance witnessed in the Tailors where the floor had collapsed completely in places.

Wed forgotten that Cane Hill was built on a gradient. And at this end of the blasted, water damaged Wesley, the drop to the ground was now around six feet.

Someone, or something, had found a different way of navigating this corridor.

So, a little more gingerly, we eyed the sagging floor, shuffled along the joists, and explored the end of Wesley. The lift was here and the stairs. And what did we do?

We took the stairs. Not up to the second floor, but up to the third. How bad were things up there? And was it painted pink?