cane hill | grand tour

Here’s a final look back into this ward.

The windows weren’t as impressive as those downstairs, being smaller. And the whole room had a less grandiose feel.

Again, the room was partitioned for patients’ beds with individual reading lights. And again, the area to the front of the ward had a metal frame for a curtain.

As new growths of penicillin crawled across the ceiling, we found the stairs and made our exit.

It wasn’t as simple as we’d hoped. We got lost. We were looking at neighbouring Zachary/Unwin wards through the window to judge which floor we were on. Mistake! Those wards were built on different levels. Cane Hill tricked us.

Emerging on the first floor, we followed a maze of passages and incredibly dangerous stairs (a case of one-at-a-time chaps), before suddenly finding ourselves back in the main corridor.

That was enough of Wren/Wesley for one day.