cane hill | grand tour

It wouldnít be long before I felt at home in Cane Hillís distinctive corridors.

They were single storey structures with pitched roofs, and like some Victorian homes, the angle of the roof could be seen before it leveled off internally.

To my right was the main door to the access road where we had walked in. This shot is looking down the corridor towards Nightingale Ward where it would eventually terminate by Rushin/Rossetti and Pugin/Paxton wards.

It was bright and sunny down there. I donít know why as we never took this route, but I expect that the roof had probably gone. (Donít expect much light out of Cane Hillís boarded up windows.)

We werenít going this way. It was decided that the wards to the east of the hospital would make interesting exploring, before swinging around down towards the admin block.

Instead we took this corridor....