cane hill | grand tour

Off the left of this corridor could be found Cane Hill’s tailors. Welcome to the Tailor’s Sewing Room and Clothing Department.

Decorated in a lovely shade of pink.

It was a big open room consisting of this large area with the fitting rooms located beyond the two doors facing.

This was also my first experience with Cane Hill’s sagging floors. It was necessary to perform a deft jump when walking into this room - primarily to avoid the horizontally deficient area in front of the door.

Many of the floors to the east of the hospital would, definitely give ‘that sinking feeling’. So, it was a case of ‘find the joists and stick to them’.

This area was empty, and I was interested to see that the light fittings in the conservatory area were gone, but the radiators were still in-situ. Some selective stripping I think.

Anyway, we walked across here, through the conversatory and then outside.