cane hill | grand tour

Immediately outside the Tailorís conservatory (or hidden behind the coal store if youíre looking from the boiler house) was a small single storey building. As the conservatory door was open, and the door to this building was open, we had a look.

Weíd found the Cane Hill Tinsmiths. In this two-room building were found his benches, tools, keys, tags and all sorts of wonderful little items.

As a couple of souvenirs I rescued the tags for "F. N. 17 G. Floor" and "GF. F. Cupboard Adj. Bathroom". The later shows just how grand Cane Hill was, since when have you heard of cupboards having adjacent bathrooms?

I did feel a little sorry for the Tinsmith. Here he was, in his little offices, away from the main hospital. And, this big butch bloke, who spent his life working with metal probably had to walk through the Tailorís everyday with a gaggle of John Inman clones mincing around the pink rooms and commenting "Ohhhh! Isnít he butch boys?" Or something like that.