cane hill | grand tour

I walked back to the corridor running alongside the western aspect of the chapel.

Here’s the view to the north, which answered a long-standing question, I had about Cane Hill.

Lots of people had got in before us. But why hadn’t they looked into the Main Hall, experienced the Chapel and rummaged through the Admin Block. Admittedly exploring the later would’ve been a little foolhardy since security were drinking tea in there. But why wasn’t more of Cane Hill explored?

Firstly, it was an absolute maze in there. Even with the benefit of a map, we had to be careful to keep tabs on where we were.

And secondly, Cane Hill was internally boarded up. That wasn’t the end of the corridor in the distance - that was a wooden blockade sealing the corridor past the Main Hall. There was a similar boarded up corridor to the east preventing access to the back of The Chapel.

Cane Hill was subdivided and internally blockaded. No wonder the first explorers couldn’t get far. And no wonder the place rotted away so quickly.

We assumed our route had been easy because clearance had begun, and the fire bridge had probably removed some to fight the fires.

All the doors to the little offices on the right were also boarded up. The guys are peering through a hole in The Chaplains Office. The next door up was X-Ray.

And the next door was open...