cane hill | grand tour

Like most of the wards, Browning/Blake had a small corridor with several ancillary rooms leading off to either side. As we gingerly made our way down the corridor, keeping to the joists, for this part of the hospital ‘definitely had that sinking feeling’, we found this small room.

I forgot the exact title of the room except it was something like ‘Site Manager’.

This was more like it! In the quest for maps, documentation and/or any history of this crumbling ruin, this would be a likely place.

And he hadn’t let us down. It was as if he’d left the place for us.

Here’s his desk, still neatly (sort of) arranged, trusty typewriter (no old computers in Cane Hill although I did find some old DOS 5.25" floppies), phone haphazardly left to one side in a jocular manner (note 1970s décor of two-tone brown and Spangles green) and his stationary just waiting to be used.

Yet another of Cane Hill’s time capsule rooms.