cane hill | grand tour

The room was just stacked full of filing cabinets and folders. A quick look through found cleaning contracts, fire evacuation drills, legal material, animal intrusions, (Pharaoh Ants were apparently a big hit although they small fry compared to the state of the place now.)

Alas, no file on Sammy The Squirrel (the big star of the Cane Hill Yellow Pages) whom someone knocked on the head in the last days of the hospital. But there was a file on the pigeons. Unfortunately I didnít add a newly scrawled note to this file: "Huge pile of shit in Wren ward. Please see to it."

It was here that the fire evacuation and site schematic sheets came from. I also took "Cane Hill Fire" folder away for further perusal. It wasnít as if they were following it anymore.

Oh, those funny, funny arsonists. Look - they tried to set fire to this room as well. Not that successful were they? And they even tried to set fire to the "Fire" folder. Oh, the irony.

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