cane hill | grand tour

In one corner we found the Progressive Treatment Unit (also known as the ECT machine). The site schematic had labeled the ECT unit as in this part of the hospital - and it looked like we’d found it.

This was spooky.

I kid you not, but next to this ominous machine were a battered old 1970s turntable and a copy of Jason And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. We could only assume they applied the electric shock treatment whilst playing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s biblical musical.

For some reason, we found that even spookier.

Note 1970s styling of orange patterned wallpaper and lime green wall paint - which was also spooky.

(And here we are, looking at one of the most contentious treatments of mental illness, and I can only make glib remarks about the state of the decoration. I guess it’s because we didn’t really want to dwell on what went on here.)