cane hill | syringes on sunday

New objects, new rooms. I found this odd cross between a wheel chair and an armchair in the room next to the burnt-out main entrance. The smoke damage above the door showed how close the fire was to spreading - so whilst walking around the hospital, please remember to keep all doors firmly shut!

The other object was for hanging keys on and was probably in the main entrance room.

"All the labels on the keyboard were done by my dad when he worked there." - Andrew

"This dreadful old piece of crap was known as a Buxton Chair, in which the mentally ill in their elder years were condemned to. They came with a clip on table - much like that on a highchair - from which the old people would live out possibly live out 20 years staring at the same thing day in day out. Dreadful places; thank God they closed. I lasted three months before resigning." - Ex Nurse, St Audry's Hospital, Melton, Suffolk