cane hill | orientation

I thought I'd use the new, swanky 1888 map for this tour.

Here's the main areas we explored:

Browning/Blake No ECT - damn! Watch out for those doors though!
Dentists. Now rather smashed up unfortunately.
The Chapel. And still the most impressive building I've urbexed.
Charred Admin. Smokey, coughy.
The Route To The Main Hall (Upstairs). I still have the scars to prove this.
Olave/Queens.. Full of needles and teddy bear heads.
Pugin. A ward that looks like someone tipped it sideways.
Kitchens. Meat stores and outside courtyards.
Clock Room And Backup Generator. Subject says it all really.
Laundry. More fun in the laundry and inaccessible tunnels.
Water Tower. Unfortunately the stairs have failed.
Tower Courtyard. Please don't touch the generator.
Wren/Wesley. Completely knackered.
Zachary/York. Completely knackered. As well.
Lidgett/Lettsom. Not knackered - but with a great piano.
Nursesí Accommodation. Actually, not as dull as I thought it would be.
Jonhson/Jenner . Nice and pink. Lovely.
Hill/Harvard. Abort the mission - abort, abort, abort!