cane hill | observing the disintegration of the titanic

The asylum was under siege. In its last years, Cane Hill was the focus of pitched battles between security (who wanted everyone to keep out) and the curious (who wanted to get in). By the year's end, over nine hundred people were caught within the perimeter fence (which averages at about three per day).

Security was stepped up. An extra post was added at the back of the hospital near the modern boiler house, whilst patrols were increased. Yet that did little to deter the urban explorers.

This explains why Marlonís first pictures are so dark. The only way to enter Cane Hill during those final days was under the cover of darkness. Explorers would creep in between patrols at night and wait in the darkened wards for the first glimmers of dawn. After a dayís fretful exploring (spent avoiding the various patrols through the hospitalís interior) the explorers would sneak out again when darkness fell.

Nave of Cane Hill Chapel, approaching alter to the south-east. (Z21:G.19:SE) © Marlon Bones 2007