cane hill | observing the disintegration of the titanic

The design of Cane Hill wasn’t kind to doctors who had to make rounds of each ward. Upon completing a ward, the doctor had to walk back along it to return to the corridor network before being able to access the next ward.

So, at some point, the wards were connected by elevated walkways. Not only did these allow doctors and nurses a short-cut between wards, but they acted as fire escapes in the event of fire. (Although Howell did allow for this in his plans by providing stairs at the either end of all his wards).

These walkways were situated near the corridor network where the wards were close together. To prevent patients from jumping, the walkways were totally enclosed.

Despite the large hole in the floor, the group gingerly made their way out, across the walkway, and into the first floor dormitory of Male Ward E (Turner).

Covered walkway from the first floor of Male Ward D to Male Ward E. © Marlon Bones 2007