cane hill | observing the disintegration of the titanic

Now moving along the other side of the "horseshoe" corridor, the team skipped Female Ward C (Cruden/Chaucer) as it was assumed to be a burnt-out shell. Whilst the upper floor was entirely open to the elements, the ground floor was still intact, but the explorers didnít realise this.

Instead the group moved into Female Ward D (Donne/Dickens) and took the stairs to the upper floors. The views from the windows looked out over the sprawling complex.

In this rare shot, Marlon captured another of the missed parts of Cane Hill. The small single storey building was Matronís Quarters, positioned closed to Female Ward A (Sick And Infirm) so Matron was close by if there was any medical emergency.

Rare shot of the exterior of Matron's Quarters as seen from the second floor of Female Ward D. © Marlon Bones 2007