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The group couldíve continued onto the next group of Female Wards (which formed the 1888 extension) but instead elected to clamber over the mountain of clothes, suitcases and furniture blocking the corridor to the north-east.

This corridor led back to the hospitalís core. Buildings erected alongside it were originally intended as the Servantís Bedroom but were now the hospitalís art rooms.

The patientís art was still mostly stored in large drawers but some had spilled onto the floor after being looked through. Some of it was impressive, some competent, some childish and some downright disturbing.

It was rumoured that some hospital visitors drew their own gruesome pictures and secreted it in the piles of patientís work.

The former Servants Bedroom, now art store. Drawers in north-east corner of room. (Z16:G.04:NE) © Marlon Bones 2007