cane hill | observing the disintegration of the titanic

Male Ward B did not connect back into the corridor complex so the group had to retrace their steps back to the corridor leading to Male Ward A (Queens/Olave). Their route took them past one of the most iconic, yet anonymous, rooms in the entire complex.

This room was variously known as the "chair room" or the "phone room." It featured on several urban exploration websites before becoming immortalised on the cover of Left London. Yet the function of this room will probably never been known: it was a former coal store before being converted into this large office.

Yet it epitomised Cane Hill by the almost casual way the furniture and fittings were simply left as if the former occupant popped out for five minutes and never returned.

This room isn't marked correctly on the maps. It's two rooms knocked into one to the north of corridor C23 (opposite Z24.G.33 and Z24.G.32). © Marlon Bones 2007